Dominyce Brown, 36 Norfolk VA

My life was directionless and I was seeking purpose when I entered my information on a website only expecting a general reading to give hope in the present moment. What I received in return was healing, awakening, and strength. 

 I received my life chart reading and the first few sentences made me aware that this was not a generalized reading, as so many people receive from online. The reading contained details of my most inner self from only the information I entered. Krishnanand's gifts allowed him to bring to light the deepest and darkest parts of myself that I had hidden from the world and myself. And this was before we formally met.  

 Krishnanand does not solely focus on one specific process to assist in one becoming aligned with the best version of themselves. Whether it be a life chart, soul chart, I-Ching, or any other systematic collection of retrospective and prospective data, Krishnanand integrates them all to build a foundational knowledge of who you are.

  The literary works made available through the complete package, or for separate purchase, are not only well written, but also designed for the modern soul. They aren't just "how to " manuals and workbooks. Instead, they are rooted in ancient wisdom and principles as well as packing plenty of laugh out loud entertainment and relatability. I have read each one several times and everytime I receive a new insight. 

    Since becoming a client of Krishnanand, my life has blossomed into purpose, love and pure joy. I have gone from a life of crime and despair to a life of promise and fulfillment. Our live sessions do not feel as though I am talking to a certified counselor, but to a friend that I have known for years. The insights, wisdom, patience, laughs, and vast knowledge are priceless tools that enable the soul to be free in every way.

Chelsea, 34

Trevor Bane 26, Los Angeles, USA

I was on the fence for several years on what to do with my life. Military career? Family business? More college? Then this pandemic hit and everything came to a halt! My Spiritual Triangle Life-Purpose reading showed me my strength as a leader and my sense of order were perfect for the military choice. Spiritual Triangle showed me how to negotiate my recruitment and I got a GREAT deal! I joined the Air Force and am on my way to Para-Rescue training!

Linda Kiley, 46 Manchester, UK

My youngest son got covid! I thought it was over! I was terrified! But I had gotten my FULL READING from Spiritual Triangle a few weeks before and remembered how it not only predicted an upcoming tragedy but gave me the calm clarity I needed to handle it. We’re all fine because we stayed calm and I trusted spiritual forces at work in our lives.

Preston Morn, 35 Olympia WA, USA

Hard not to panic during this covid pandemic. I got laid off and the bills are still due. Spiritual Triangle helped me accept that there wasn’t always something I could do to change the world around me, but there was a LOT I could do to change how I dealt with it. For the first time in months I felt clear and could see solutions. Losing my job was a good thing! It had to be removed so I could fulfill a different and better Life-Purpose.

Hana Lorne, 42 Melbourne, Australia

I was at a crossroads in my life and came across Spiritual Triangle. I figured it was just new-age, psychic sales pitch for vague answers to serious problems. But my inner self urged me to try it. The Free Life-Purpose reading was so profound and clear I contacted Krishnanand right away. He spent a half hour on skype with me and solved several of my dilemmas. I signed up for the Mystic Package for a month: $150 a week for a FULL reading of my WHOLE life, mystical training and courses and live sessions with Krishnanand. It only included one hour sessions but he spent over 2 hours with me on a single session with no extra charge! He just makes sense! His background as a behavioral expert gave me the practical advice I needed combined with his intuitive abilities. I found him at just the right time. He says that’s always how it works. That we’re all just “agents of Grace”. Right time, right place…

Jules, 34 Austin TX, USA

My need for spiritual growth was intense. I now know, because of my Spiritual Triangle blueprint, that this was because I was exiting my Youth years and entering my Power years. The accuracy and sensibility of the reading was unbelievable! It’s so exact! Not like any “psychic” thing I ever experiences. It was far more practical and useable than I ever hoped for. And it was so dead-on correct, not only on who and what I am but on revealing the layers of my past and giving me clear instructions and choices on my future.

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