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50 pages with illustrations and handy-pull out, printable, easy reference cards. Includes:

  • Introduction
  • Extras
  • Origins
  • Reading the Map
  • The Hebrew Alphabet   
  • Gematria, Notariqon, Temurah, Tetragrammaton
  • Tree of Life
  • Climbing the Tree
  • The 10 Sephiroth and the 22 paths
  • Practical Examples
  • The Whole Tree (veil, abyss & triple veil)
  • The 4 Worlds and Bodies
  • Three Pillars
  • The Lightning Flash
  • Building Your Own Tree Fort


A profound and complex of mystical, spiritual enlightenment distilled into a fifty page workbook to use the Tree of Life in everyday living. The secrets of Kabbalah made accessible and simple to enhance worldly and spiritual living.

Kabbalah—A Mystical Journey on the Tree of Life