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The Tree of Life

Updated: Jul 13, 2020


What It Is & How To Use It


The Tree Of Life:

Probably the most important tool to the Kabbalist is the Tree Of Life. To understand it is to become

intimate with the divine nature of the soul, creation and God. It is a system that is designed not only to

understand God but to perfect the soul and to travel through the plains of consciousness to connect and

experience God.

The Tree of Life is a roadmap to God. If you “travel” up the Tree using the paths from sphere to

sphere you will come to a greater understanding of yourself, the universe and of God. The ultimate aim

is to become God Realized, i.e. Spiritually Enlightened.

Each sphere on the Tree (1-10) are called sephiroth (sef-ur-roth) and are its fruits—like a ‘waypoint”.

Malkuth (10), the lower sephiroth is the mundane, maya, material manifestation (Earth), where we live,

and Kether (1) is the divine destination; like heaven. With spiritual practices and methods, we “climb”

the tree and evolve to attain the spiritual realm—to be done with the material incarnations and live

eternally in the divine dimension.

The Veil is the ceiling of material illusion. Piercing The

Veil is accepting that the material phenomena is mostly

illusion while accepting the spiritual dimension as the

Real thing. The Abyss is the final crossing from the

material to the divine. Piercing The Veil is simply

accepting and attempting to live within spirit.

Crossing The Abyss is a no-turning-back point of

transcendence beyond the material dimension and living

within spiritual consciousness while existing in the world.

Kether—the Crown—refers not only to the crown chakra

opening in the enlightenment experience (like Buddha)

but also to gain access to the three levels of Divine



Ain Soph

Ain Soph Aur


What It Is & How To Use It


Ain Soph Aur, Ain Soph and Ain. These are: 1. the Divine’s manifesting force (Ain Soph Aur), 2. the

Divine’s Personal Power beyond manifestation (Ain Soph) and 3. the pure Divine Essence (Ain).The

lines between each sephiroth are the branches—the “paths”—that we use to climb the tree to attain God

consciousness. They are unique and progressive. Each sephiroth on the tree is like the fruit and the paths

are the branches. We want to climb beyond the low-hanging fruit and attain the high fruit! Each

sephiroth (fruit) and each path (branch) corresponds to a tarot card and suit.

The Tree and your Spiritual Triangle

The Tree of Life correspondences add a profound directional dimension to your Spiritual Triangle

analysis. While the Tarot and Astro correspondences provide a deeper, detailed conceptual and symbolic

insight into each analysis, the I-Ching and especially the Tree, provide much more. Not only a focused,

close-up view inside the numerological vibrations but the Tree gives instructions and guidance!

I always found most intuitive forecasting (i.e. fortune telling) to be limited.

I don’t just wanna know what’s coming up! I wanna know if I should duck, step to the right, left or meet

it head on! I want to know how to USE the forecast!

I don’t check the weather report for entertainment! (that’d be sad!) I check the weather forecast to know

how to plan my day: outdoor picnic or indoor game night!

What is the use of knowing the phase of the moon if not to know how to prepare when to plant things?

The point of knowing if Mercury is in retrograde is to know NOT to expect reliable, sensible

communication from others—or myself!

Your Tree of Life correspondences show you what sphere of action and mentality you and your

circumstances are within. By reviewing the sephiroth and the paths between and connecting them we get

tremendously useful guidance as to the most successful options to act on.

Don’t get me wrong—if the Tree is advising me to choose between Beauty or Power on payday. Should

I go to the rom-com movie on date night or the action flick? The Tree’s telling me that in this instance,

Beauty has a better outcome than Power, so it’s rom-com time! Looks like I might get “lucky” tonight!


What It Is & How To Use It

What your Tree correspondences provide are perspectives and options. Not to tell you what you should

do or not, but to give insight and perspective to get specific types of results with specified types of

actions so you can select and act on the most favorable outcomes.

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