Spiritual Triangle ORIGINS

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I started doing intuitive readings in 1991 when I was 27 just after my kundalini event.

It was at a metaphysical church in Los Angeles.

I did numerology and tarot with some elements of astrology. One day a man came in

and asked me to prophesy if he was going to get the promotion he was hoping for.

I saw right away that he was.

But I also saw that the promotion was going to increase his pride, his ego and make him

more materialistic and turn further away from his spirit.

As a reader my role was to predict fates. But as a healer, my role became to guide

clients in understanding their mystical and spiritual options and opportunities.

In a brief time, he would know of his promotion either way. There was no value telling

him of a destined event. But there was tremendous value revealing what he could DO

with the promotion. And what NOT to do.

So, I consulted The Tree and saw his Five of Pentacles card regarding his promotion

corresponded to Malkuth—the kingdom; the realm of material manifestation, dense and

lacking spirit. Which is where he already was. If he remained within the sephiroth of

malkuth he would waste his spiritual potential. I wanted him to be aware he had options.

I read the paths that led from malkuth to the sephiroth above.

Qoph, Shin and Tav, The Moon, Judgement and The World respectively. It became

clear the path Qoph—the Moon and the depths of the SUBconscious was the healthiest


This was the beginning of my seeing the integration of numerology, tarot and the tree of

life which led to my work with The Spiritual Triangle and to fuse it with I-Ching and the

Tree. There was no turning back.

Even as I became a behavioral, clinical counselor, specializing in habits and all forms of

addictions, I never lost sight of the opportunity to guide people through the entire

spectrum of choices so they would have the opportunities to make more altruistic


I will never omit, nor invent, intuitive perceptions as I advise, counsel or read for

someone. You will always get ALL the information I can access for you in a reading or in

a session. What to do with the knowledge is up to you.



One year, to the day, of my Near-Death-Experience I was graced with a vision. It was

an instruction to synthesize the Pythagorean Theorem with The tree of Life and the I-

Ching. I went right to work to fulfill this destiny and over nine days and nights it was


I am no longer confined to a single modality and as a behavioral and spiritual healer I

will present EVERY option there exists for you so you can see through the smoke and

choose the right path to grow and evolve towards spiritual solutions.

The Spiritual Triangle gives us access to all the greatest divinations known:

 Numerology

 Tarot

 Astrology

 The Tree of Life

 And the I-Ching

All of these are laid upon a Spiritual Triangle blueprint that begins with your birth and

covers every phase of this life beyond death.

Why settle for less?

Why choose between them?

They are all integrated and intertwined with each other.

You can have clear, unobstructed insights into your whole life: the past. The present.

The future.

Expand your mind.

Expand your consciousness.

Expand your spirit.

You’ve waited long enough.

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