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WHAT… is Numerology?

The short, elementary answer is that numerology (as all “ology’s” are) is the

study and knowledge of… numbers.

The metaphysical (meta meaning beyond) meaning of it is a beautiful meta-

science. The material phenomena, i.e. the universe, is constructed and reliant

upon properties and laws that allow it to function and exist. Numbers—and

math—are the underlying, foundational ingredients—the constituents—used to

manifest and sustain the material phenomena.

It’s like a blueprint: A blueprint is the graphic map or template—a guide—for

making something.

Numbers provide the engineering for the design of the cosmos and your life!

How is your life (and mine!) related to and reliant on numbers?

Because they are constant and unchanging yet evolving—infinite and eternal.


No matter the country, language or culture, all math is a sequence of values of 1-

9. Beyond 9 we repeat the sequence at higher octaves. Music is a good way to

explain this: We have seven notes on the musical scale. That’s it. No more, no

less. All music is formed from these seven basic building blocks; A, B, C, D, E, F

and G.

The seven notes can be played at various frequencies and chords can be made

by combining them, but all music, and all sound, is from these seven notes. The

same is true for color. We have seven colors on the color spectrum and all others

are the various frequencies and combinations of them. That 64 pack of Crayolas

is all the same seven colors turned up, turned down and mixed up together! 1

Each number has a value and its value, like music and color, is a unique

expression. Once we go through the base nine, we are repeating the values at a

1 There are two “hidden” color and sound frequencies that total 9, corresponding to the spectrum of numbers too.

These sound and light frequencies are beyond the material/physical phenomena and can only be experienced in the

mystical/spiritual dimensions.

higher octave. We go from zero through nine and then we repeat the sequence by

combining them: One and zero are combined to express ten. We go through the

double digit one sequence (teens) and begin the two octaves at twenty through

twenty nine and then the three sequence with thirty and so on.

This is an infinite cycle of progressive expression; ninety-nine becomes one

hundred and on to the thousands, millions and googles. 2

Every level we add a zero to alters the frequencies within an infinite combination.

Numbers and YOU

Your identity has an underlying frequency blueprint. A template that dictates and

sets the rules and ways it is to be expressed. When a blueprint shows a doorway

on a floorplan, the builder knows where a door belongs and all the details for it to

be in sync with the larger plan of the building: which way it opens (right or left),

how tall, how wide and the specs even provide the instructions for the hinge

types (2 or 3) and the handle (knob or lever).

Without these blueprint instructions, a building project can only remain as a

concept within someone’s mind. It is the blueprint that allows the concept to be

built and manifest in the material plane!

YOUR personal blueprint is built upon the numerical frequencies within your

name and your birthdate. Not one other person of the billions of souls on Earth

has your exact name combined with your exact birthdate.

There may be ones that are similar, but the specifics of yours are exclusively your

own. And with numerology—the study and knowledge of the frequencies—we can

gain tremendous insight to view the ENTIRE blueprint, not just today’s scope, but

the entire thing! The whole enchilada! The Big Picture!

We’re gonna jump right in and list the basic number foundations and what they

express. Ready? One… two… three… GO!

Zero, Nulla, Sifr, Ling, Shoony, Null, Efes 3

The best historians have been able to piece together is that the concept of “zero”

in math was “discovered” around the 3 rd century BC in Mesopotamia and 4 AD by

the Mayans. It was a major discovery and altered human culture profoundly.

Mathematics was very limited without the zero concept and it was as significant

as the discovery of electricity and the wheel!

I’m not going to go into detail about how and what it did because it may bore a

LOT of you and, to be honest, I am not the guy for it. Our science and engineering

throughout the world are only possible and advanced because of this realization:

Zero is the beginning and the end of numbers. It transcends them, is the root and

core of them and any value stacked up to it gets reduced to it (think: 9x0=0!).

It would be impossible to have computers, space travel and the majority of

everyday things we use and take for granted without the juxtaposition of the zero

in our value system.

The zero represents the infinity, the Godhead, the Absolute. It has no beginning

or ending. It is infinite and complete and self contained. Whatever you think it is

or define it as; it is not. It cannot be defined. The moment you place a value on it,

it is no longer zero! You can’t truly say it means “nothing” because there is no

such thing as “nothing”! The most—or least—you can say is that it is the

absence of something! The lack, absence, missing, removal, void, lack, empty,

3 Listed for you in English, Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, German, and Hebrew

Less is more…

space… We honestly do not have a word nor can we grasp the concept of

“nothing”. We experience the absence of something, but this implies there once

was a something, but now it’s gone! Not the same thing!

Be careful! The true concept of zero or nothing will make your brain hurt. We will

have to accept it conceptually that it is a non-value we cannot grasp.

The important thing for our numerology purposes is to retain these characteristic

key words:

 Godhead

 Nothing

 Void

 Absence

 Core

 Essence

 Ending

 Infinite

 Eternal

One, Uno, Wahid, Yi, Ek, Ein, Achat (אחת)

The element associated with ONE is Fire. ONE is pure and direct. This value is

represented by the single, vertical line. It is the primary, mono, singular value. It

is “the before”. The start. The beginning.

It is phallic and simple; raw, primal and uncomplicated, the ONE is paternal, being

the “father” of all that is to come. It has no practical understanding, use nor even

awareness of the ‘zero’.

One is alone—not lonely—but alone. The ONE is never confused or polarized and

exists without complication.

The Ouroboros: Snake eating itself, is an

alchemical, mystical image representing the

infinity quality of ‘zero’—no beginning or

ending; chicken or the egg first?

The Archetype

It is where and when time and material start. Nothing is before it, but everything is

after it. Its qualities are:

 Masculine

 Primal

 Start

 Inception

 Single-solo-mono

 Singular

 Descending

 Father

 Intellect

 Fire

 Archetype

Two, Duo, Athnan, Er, Do, Zwei, Shtaim (שׂתיים)

The singular has become dual! No longer alone, we now have a pair. The shape of

this symbol is the vertical line now taking a shape and bending. It now has a

foundation to rest on, curves and now can view itself. The basic vertical line now

experiences itself, has self-awareness and it thinks therefore it is! In a

cosmological sense it can be the first instant of the “Big Bang” when the

universe begins to separate and unfold. In the mystical sense it is the sense of

separation from our true essence.

While our souls are divine and immortal, our bodies, minds and identities are

temporary and material. With the separation in the TWO, we experience, we self-

identify, meaning we take our body and personal identity to be “who” we are. As

There are two things a person should

never be angry at, what they can help,

and what they cannot. Plato

duality occurs, we lose sight of our essence—the Divine soul—and develop ego

and pride (self-awareness). The pride and ego are the masculine qualities

carrying over from the ONE. The TWO begins to see themselves as separate and

special (feminine), but the ONE expresses pride and ego through her.

The qualities are:

 Pair

 Combined

 Couple

 Man/wife

 Partner

 Duo

 Together

 Water

 Emotion

 Mother

Three,Tri, Thlath, San, Deen, Drei, Shalosh (שׂלושׂ)

The Triad (father, mother, child), trinity (Father, Holy Spirit and Son).Three implies

the fertilized egg (1=sperm, 2=egg, 3=result of unity); an idea coming to fruition.

At this stage, results are set in motion and there is no turning back. Things can

be altered and changed, but not undone. It is extroverted and alive; a

combination of independent (from 1) and self-aware (from 2) and glad to be so.

What it will be is yet to be determined, but the fact that it “IS”, is clearly so. Our

shape is evolving beyond itself. The base of the two has now turned upward and

the three points seem to reach towards each other in an attempt to rejoin. The

three is the product of the mono and duo combined. It does not exist without its

Three things cannot be long hidden: the

sun, the moon, and the truth. ...

The Buddha

parents, the ONE and the TWO. The one and the two exist on their own as the one

is the original and singular and the two is the extension of itself—one’s

expressive quality. They exist within and without each other. But the three is a

product of them. The three is only arrived at through the two of them. This is the

nuclear family! All the other sequences emerge from these primaries: the mono-

duad-triad. The three is the expression of the one and the two. It is their

combined qualities expressed in a third and individualistic manner.

The three is bold and striking out, seeking to capitalize on its individuality as it is

blissfully ignorant of its origin depending on a life before (and beyond) itself. It

represents youth and progression, THREE has yet to learn patience and is

excited and playful.

Here are its qualities:

 Child

 Triple

 Triad

 Masculine

 Idea

 Abstract

 Playful

 Tricky

 Air

 Motion

 Family

Four, Quatro, Arbe, Si, Chaar, Vier, Arba (ארבע)

Every human has four endowments - self

awareness, conscience, independent will

and creative imagination. Stephen Covey

The first thing that comes to mind with the number four is the basics: the

four elements, the four directions, the four dimensions.

Four represents matter and manifested reality. It is sacred and essential to God’s

creative will. Where would we be without them? We need to understand them

from a philosophical rather than a scientific point of view. The four elements

combine to make everything in the universe. Sure, we know of some 117 known

elements that combine to make all of the stuff in the universe, but their qualities

are only four: liquid, solid, gas (water, earth, air) and the quality that allows them

to change from one to another, fire. Likewise, where would we be without the

four directions (North, South, East, West)? The four directions create the

parameters of a “known” universe and become the four dimensions: latitude

(side to side), longitude (forward/back and altitude (up/down), the fourth

dimension being time. For an event or experience to occur it must happen in a

place and at a time for it to have truly occurred within all four. One cannot

underestimate these qualities and their profound mystical nature. To understand

these qualities mystically is to understand the nature of total reality and creation.

So, four is arrived at and expressed like this:

The Point, The Line, The Plane, the square:

This symbol has matured and has become practical. The curving, playful,

trickster lines of her brother--the three, are now straightened out: the top curve

has angled down, the bottom curve has become horizontal and united with the

top and the spine has straightened back to a vertical line. We see the shape of the

mother (2) powerfully influenced and trying to please and express the father (1).

The father is spirit descending as a vertical line, and this 2 nd child, the ‘4’ is

descended into matter: the horizontal line. The four represents the combined

expression of the triad. The child has now manifested in the material plane. The

cross has always represented spirit descending into matter and the 4 is that

symbol with an added feature as it is a complete circuit; reuniting with itself,

joining the spirit with the material in the diagonal line. The key words to meditate


 Base

 Foundation

 Solidity

 Feminine

 Sister

 Practical

 Earth

 Stillness

 Sensible

Five, Quinque, Khms, Wu, Panj, Funf, Chamesh (חמשׂ)

We are at the midway point in our initial journey. We are not past the point of no

return but we will need to travel as far back as forward to go the full distance.

How far can a dog run into the forest? Half way! Because then she’s running out!

The five is a powerful number of sensibility and is not ambiguous. It is solid and

bridges the lower and upper frequencies together. Five is the conduit. This is our

first number that seems to be facing the other way and is putting little emphasis

on the spirit descending quality. The base has moved to the crown, implying that

it relies on intellect and practical thought. The horizontal crown of intellect is

descending into spirit, not the other way around. The intellect travels down to the

Godhead—the broken circle—zero, of its body. This symbol is solid and strong.

Its personal base is the Godhead zero, as it intellectualizes spirit into matter. A

frequency of engineers and physicists—practical but profound.

Once the elements and dimensions are established in the fours there must be

motion. FIVE represents motion, or more accurately, disturbance, like a pebble in

a placid pond. Motion can be disruptive but it is also the precursor to change

since without motion everything remains in the same state. Motion is movement

and as things move, other things get displaced. This is the foundation of the

theory of the “butterfly effect”. The butterfly effect states that the disturbance in

the atmosphere from a butterfly’s wings can ultimately result in a hurricane

To practice five things under all

circumstances constitutes perfect

virtue; these five are gravity,

generosity of soul, sincerity,

earnestness, and kindness.


weather pattern. It is the foundation of “chaos” theory which explores the idea

that anything can happen and that there is order in disorder when there are

infinite possibilities in all things.

 Masculine

 Earth and Fire

 Intellectual emotion

 Strength

 Power

 Stability

 Avuncular

Six, Sex, St, Liu, Chhah, Sechs, Chamesh (חמשׂ)

Our symbol has come full circle! The open, broken zero has closed and the

straight, rigid edges have softened and curved!

The 6 is becoming introverted, coming full circle within itself. This is the next

level of maturity of the human journey. To make sense of the material

experiences by contemplating how they affect one’s mind and spirit. Six is a

vibration of romantic love, the double octave feature of the three, which is the

familial love (father-mother-child).

Six is a vibration of family, marriage, love and home. It is the harmonized

qualities of the respective elements. It is the most balanced aspect of each of

them made real. For example, as water it would be the most clean and pure and

pleasant fluid; a perfect waterfall or cool drink of water, it could be the warmth

and comfort of fire or heat, the security and safety of earth, the soothing,

I will not be pushed, filed,

stamped, indexed, briefed,

debriefed, or numbered! My life is

my own. “Six”—The Prisoner

coolness of a nice breeze for air. Six is the center and hub of all things; the sun,

and it is Tiphareth in the Tree of Life; beauty and the only sephiroth that is

directly connected to every other sephiroth (except Malkuth).

This step in the sequence is a beautiful sense of selfless awareness; learning to

convert and apply love outwardly and feeling joy in giving more than receiving.

As the five was midway through the forest and facing the direction of the “other

side”, the six is now beyond 50% through! We’re facing and traveling through to

the other side now!

SIX has officially transcended gravity with Lift-Off! No longer confined to the

mundane, now tasting and sampling a more subtle, less tangible reality. These

are the qualities of familial and romantic love, blended with the first hints of love

for humanity.

Six keywords and thoughts are:

 Feminine

 Soft

 Woman

 Love

 Romance

 Sensual

 Caring

 Giving

 Powerful

 Water & Fire

All human actions have one or more

of these seven causes: chance,

nature, compulsions, habit, reason,

passion, desire. Aristotle

Seven, Septem, Sbe, Ki, Saat, Sieben, Shevah (שׂבע)

Seven is a profoundly mystical number. Who hasn’t heard of lucky number

seven? Seven is the link between material reality and spiritual reality even

though it exists in purely subtle and spiritual form. There are seven main chakras

in the subtle body, seven notes on the musical scale, seven master planets and

seven colors in the color spectrum. The Torah (bible) says God rested on the

seventh day from creating the world and that there are seven heavenly abodes.

Seven is a prime number, only divisible by itself. The list of ancient to modern

metaphors relying on the SEVEN vibration is uncountable!

In four we were in total materialness and solid state and in five and six we moved

through motion and into the balance of these states, but in seven is expressed a

last vestige of the subtle nature of reality as energy either: descends into deeper

matter or ascends into complete abstract. It is poised dangerously between and

cannot be at rest.

The shape is also a new direction: the upright monad of the one, but now angled—slanting to the East and away from the West with its bold horizontal

crown and sharp angle as its spirit ascends and detours into matter. No loops or

curves, this masculine frequency is at home with its feminine nature, sampling

the first sense of androgyny and going beyond gender.

Seven is spirit.

 Mystery

 Magic

 Masculine

 Clever

 Depth

 Initiate

 Climbing

 Earth & Air

Eight, Octo, Thmany, Aath, Ba, Acht, Shmoneh (שׂמונה)

The eight represents the double infinity, the lemniscate, the orobourous serpent

eating its own tail. But these symbols are horizontal and now they have become

vertical, noting that this is an earthly vibration. This vibration is one of money and

material luxury and success. Ironic as it is similar to two zeros, the Godpower,

stacked one on the other.

There is a mystery here: how does a double-Godpower manifest in a material

manner, representing mostly finances and mundane affairs?

Well… God is omnipresent so having an Earthly presence is divine grace! The

EIGHT may represent worldly things—abundance and attainment—but it is the

choice of Free Will as to how it is expressed and used.

I personally view my worldly resources as spiritual tools: with money I can

access things to enhance my spiritual progress, such as funding my pilgrimages

to holy, spiritual sites throughout the world. I can donate charitably and most of

all, my material resources can provide me with safety and security from survival

Perfect balance is within the 8.

Symbolizing perfection ongoing…

issues like food shelter and clothes. If I am materially satisfied and content I can

be more “present” in my spiritual practices.

Material resources (money, status, health…) can be converted to spiritual cause

and goals. This is what the EIGHT reminds us: to convert and apply our material

resources to live more spiritually.

The danger is that as stupid humans, we typically (and more naturally) convert

our material resources into attachments (possessions) and pride (status). EIGHT

is an opportunity to transcend material wants and luxuries by using them to serve

a greater good within ourselves and the world. Sometimes, the eight vibration can

activate material DE-tachment too! By removing material attachments through

loss and deprivation. This too must be converted into spiritual context such as

lessons of humility. “Be as little children…” Jesus advised his followers, “to

enter the kingdom of Heaven.” Reminding us that we need to break our

attachments and restore our innocence which materialism compromises.

On the Tree of Life we are now just two phases away from the manifested world,

Malkuth, so 8 is a very material number but very close to perfection. It

symbolizes everflowing energy that is regenerative and seemingly has no

beginning or ending. It is not as eternal as a circle or the zero which is pure and

uninterrupted. The figure eight is a continuous loop, yes, but its crossover at the

midsection also implies cycles and life/death as one loop feeds into another. The

number eight is often found as a strong vibration in top athletes as it carries the

vibration for physical as well as economical wealth. While the sevens are a type

of disturbance, the eights are on the opposite side of the Tree in Hod, and act as

a counter balance to the mystical seven.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under

the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, a time to

pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to

heal; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and

a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to

gather stones together; A time to get, and a time to lose; a

time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a

time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. Ecclesiastes 3

Nine, Novem, Tse, Nau, Jiu, Neun, Tesha (תשׂע)

Our zero— infinite circle, now has a descending trajectory, reaching to Earth. It is

a near perfect combination of the zero Godpower and the singular, vertical line

from our start in ONE. In this symbol, is the spirit (circle) descending into matter.

Or is the vertical line of ONE ascending into spirit?

This is a serious number and one of my personal favorites as a numerologist.

Nine is the final stage before the next higher octaves. Whatever is left to be

transmuted before moving onto the next higher form must be done here. It can

be a harsh and unforgiving vibration as change must and will occur here. Nine is

the last stage of all the single digits and the culmination of all the other vibrations

and experiences, which makes it rather intense. On the Tree of Life it is Yesod,

the moon and the mysterious subconscious mind. The energy from the top of the

tree has been divided since “2” and now condenses again into a single path. A

straight path exists from Kether through Tiphareth and then to Yesod before

coming to rest in Malkuth. The sublime energy from Tiphareth brings beauty to

Yesod and 9. Nine means “Change is stability”. Think about it. The only true

constant is change itself!

My personal work with this frequency-vibration has revealed to me that nine is

NOT androgynous but rather an intense expression of BOTH male and female

character. Masculine boldness and determination are driven by a feminine

steadiness that is unwilling to compromise.

This is a powerful frequency that says change is HERE; you can go kicking and

screaming or go peacefully, but change WILL occur—one way or another. It is

best to get in the flow with the change as there is less friction within the path of

least resistance. The flow of water is unforgiving: following the path of least

resistance it carves canyons and erodes mountains in its unwavering

determination to flow back to its source: the sea. Water’s fluid nature is gentle

and soothing yet powerful and undeniably assertive.

Nine is a paradox. An enigma.

Ten is a symbol of the authority of God and his

government on the Earth. “he gave the Ten

Commandments, not the ten suggestions.” Zig Ziglar

Ten, Dio, Eshr, Das, Shi, Zhen, Eser (עשׂר)

We have completed and perfected the process! We have come Full Circle and

now all values are compounds of the values we’ve already experienced. The

Human Condition; the whole spectrum of human experiences, have now been had

and we now experience the various, infinite textures and shapes of them. You can

love your spouse, your child and your pet and while they are all indeed genuine

love, they are about as different as chocolate and vanilla! All delicious and

rewarding but as entirely different too!

All stages and conditions have been experienced and tens are the result of those

changes and stages. Ten is the next higher octave of the primal force of 1

combined now with the power of the infinite zero. From now on all numbers

through infinity are simply frequencies of the original nine single digits and ten is

the beginning of this repetitive and regenerative process. In 10 we can truly see

what we have sown as the results are in. However, 10 is not the final stage, but in

many ways the next beginning. It can be as a warning to see where things are

going as they become manifest and to take the next step. In 10, things come to

rest but merely to begin again.

Through infinity, we will continue to repeat these expressions at higher octaves

by joining them with the zero power. Next stop: 20, then 30, 40… and on to 1,000

and one million!

Keywords for this power:

 Completion

 Fruition

 Cycles

 Forward

 Rest

 Combine

 Fortune


Master numbers are double-digit frequencies of the same number. There

are four primary Master numbers: 11, 22, 33 & 44.

This is not to imply that 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99 are somehow trivial in comparison.

The two we will visit here (11 & 33) are somewhat master-master numbers! They

are particularly important and experienced by most everyone and carry intense

magical and mystical qualities.

By visiting two of these Master numbers you will develop an ability to read and

interpret the others as needed—you’ll get the concept!

Besides… we have to stop somewhere! We don’t have eternity to review the

infinity! Well… actually we DO! But we can easily get so lost in searching for

answers that we never USE them!

We begin with my fav.

Undecim, ahd eshr, Shíyī, gyaarah, elf, ehad-esre אַחַד עָשׂ

Why is this one of my fav Master Numbers?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Because my Life-Lesson number is a 56/11 and the Eleven plays a major role in

my life, consistently and profoundly. So much so that as I woke several nights in

a row with a symbol vision speaking to me in 2018 I had it tattooed. I’m not

“inked”: I have just two: a small tattoo on my right ring finger of a lemniscate

representing my marriage to spirit and now a

small hendecagram on my forearm.

This symbol kept appearing to me. It took

awhile to randomly search symbols online

until I found one: a tattoo artist had it as a tiny

part of a larger tattoo in his image gallery. I did

not know the purpose or meaning of this “message” but dutifully followed the

order to consider a tattoo of it. I went to a local artist and got a henna (temporary)

tattoo of it and wore it for three weeks. At the end of the trial period I knew it

belonged permanently 4 .

This ELEVEN pointed star has continued to evolve in meaning and function. I now

know it is a banishing symbol, like the five-pointed pentagram in ceremonial

magick. Like a black-hole gravitationally sucking all material within it, this eleven-

pointed star tractor-beam pulled my residual massive brain trauma from my death

experience accident into it and has been slowly releasing it—harmlessly—to

another dimension. Every so often the symbol reveals new levels of itself to me:

 It has Eleven outer points

 It has Eleven inner points

o 22 now!

 Those points have inner circle points (33!)

 All added together in total we arrive at 55 and then it revealed to me the

center space brings it to my own personal Life-Lesson frequency of 56/11.

Your Life-Lesson numerology number is derived from your personal birthday. I

awoke from my Death Experience coma after nine days (yep! NINE!) on…

hold on… wait for it…

4 I had it tattooed on Halloween at a parlor I discovered was in walking distance to the hotel I was in while on tour.

The parlor was called Agape. Dontcha love “conicidences”?!


I reincarnated as myself and it had to be on June 28 since my name was the

same. Now I have TWO Life-Lesson frequencies: 56/11 derived from my first birth

as Scott (June 28, 1966) and 40/4 from my reincarnation as myself (June 28,


The reason I am sharing such details is not merely to entertain you, though I hope

it does indeed entertain you. This event has fascinating and undeniable

supernatural features. I share it to illustrate how vital the mechanics of the

material phenomena are to our material manifestation. Awaking from a coma on

my same birthdate except the year (1966 vs 2013) adds a different Life-Lesson

vibration, but since my name was unchanged, the blueprint of my life had to

conform to the original life-blueprint.

I can tell you that as a result of being re-born on the same day with the same

name, I’ve inexplicably experienced a micro version of similar karmas: In a

condensed time frame I have revisited smaller, briefer versions of my prior karmic

events such as learning to walk, talk, read, attraction to mystical concepts and

micro-versions of many of the people and events that shaped me the first time

around. Since I had already “paid” these karmic debts and had these karmic

experiences, they were brief and, as is consistent with the rule of karma, as I

turned away, rather than into them, they passed by. When I came across the

“temptation” to use drugs in this 2 nd incarnation as Scott Spackey, I rejected it

and instantly—POOF!—my prior drug addict tendencies virtually vanished! 5

In each life, when you come arrive at a decision point, you can choose with your

free will to either reinforce a karmic tendency and experience by repeating it,

OR… weaken and remove it by passing it by. The EVENTS are fated and

unavoidable, but you can CHOOSE to go in or away from them for NEW


Now back to the introduction and connection to this Master number, the

mystically powerful Eleven.

5 Please visit www.Life-Mind.com on the Products and Services page and scroll to the Near Death Experience tab to

learn more of the mind shattering Death Experience. And/or the Books page for A Stone’s Throw regarding my drug


As we learned in study of the ONE and taking into account that a Master Number

is an enhanced and more potent expression of its core, we amplify the vibration

and principle of the ONE in the Eleven.

The singular ONE is masculine and independent, not reliant nor obligated to any

of what is to come (2-thru 9 and so on), or what has come before (because

“nothing” has ��).

Therefore, the Eleven is the ONE experience plus ten (Literally!).

Eleven is masculine and paternal times two but has ALL the feminine, childish

and the entire spectrum of the other previous vibrations rolled into it. In the same

way we are each unique individuals while at the same time, expressions of our

parents: we have our unlike-any-other snowflake uniqueness, but our nose, eyes,

hair color, etc is a combination of Mom’s and Dad’s genetic codes. Same with

some personality traits: we are unique and far more than carbon-copies of our Pa

and Ma, yet this uniqueness is subtly a combined expression of their

personalities. Our parents and familial dynamics are carefully pre-determined to

help ensure certain traits for our current life-lessons.

This is how this is a MASTER number: it has its own individual, bold character

unlike anything else, but has accumulated the best qualities of ALL the others on

its way.

That which does not kill us can make us stronger 6 , so Eleven has experienced the

trials and tribulations, the success’ and failures, of the entire Human Condition,

emerging at a higher octave of being. Older and wiser, Eleven reflects all the

frequencies of One through Ten and reflects them. It is a pioneer frequency. The

ten is pre-primary with the profound protection of the Godpower zero, but the

Eleven is actual primary.

Eleven has the unique role of being the first Master Number. It is the gateway to

the higher mystical, spiritual vibrations. We must enter though its pillars to visit

The Holy Mountain.

Eleven provides a sanctuary and base. As we travel to the outer dimensions and

things get a bit odd and wonky and ethereal (and surreal), we can find solid,

sensible strength in this double power of the monad. Kinda like a spaceship is a

sanctuary, base as an astro-traveler ventures beyond her home galaxy.

This sanctuary has provided me with a base to connect to when nothing else

made sense any longer. After my death experience accident, I had no memory,

6 Notice I did NOT say DOES make us stronger. Suffering CAN make us stronger, but we must be the ones to

persevere and extract wisdom from it. It ain’t automatic!

and therefore, no identity. Yet, my spiritual base reverberating on my cosmic

blueprint was consistent when NOTHING else was. There was some subtle sense

that I “was”. I may not of known who I was, but the double-ones gave me a subtle

foundational core 7 . Your essence is your soul, but your spirit is your core.

Your soul is hard to fathom or know, but my spirit was something that beckoned

and remembered when I could not.

Eleven is a gateway number. A portal. It is much more than an introduction to the

spirit realm; it is a conductor, a guide and a Wizard—or Hermit, from the Tarot.

Eleven is Merlin, the guiding, stable force King Arthur can consult with in times of

doubt, confusion and receive assurance and instruction to press on and seek The

Holy Grail and not abandon the dream and vision of Camelot.

You do not require an Eleven to be present in your chart or blueprint to work with

and benefit from this frequency. As with ALL numbers, especially Master

Numbers, you can meditate on its qualities, symbolic form and double down on it

at the dice table! Tap into the Eleven when your meditation needs core stability

and true support. And for Godsakes consider November Eleventh a minor (or

Master!) holiday!

Keywords and images to meditate on:

 Inspiration

 Decisions

 Doorway/portal/gateway

 Pillars

 Paternal

 Strength

 Reliability

 Master

 Mystic

7 I did not even know what a number was. Or an alphabet. Or life, death, food, air. I was like an infant!

Thirty-Three, trīgintā trēs, thalathah wa thalathun, Sān shí sān, taintisa,

dreiunddreißig, שלושים ושלוש sloshim-ve-shalosh

Of all the Master numbers, Thirty-Three has significance because it is such a

common power-point in the lives of some of the most influential spiritual and

mystic personalities.

 Adi Shankaracharya—Died (left the earth) at 32, just before becoming 33

 Siddartha Guatam becomes The Buddha

 Jesus the Christ began his mission around 30 and was crucified at 33

 Shri Chaitanya accepts the Goswamis as disciples and dispatches them

 St. John of the Cross began protests that resulted in his life’s opus, Dark

Night of the Soul

 Shri Jagadguru Kripalu accepted the title of Jagadguru at 34

You may see that many of these are not actually ON the 33 rd year of their lives. It

is important to note that in numerology a vibration is an atmospheric frequency.

While in the material world you may become legal to vote ON your actual 18 th

birthday and able to buy booze ON your 21 st , in “real-life” these ages are

approximations of when we achieve levels of maturity. I think we can all agree

that there are fifty year olds who are too immature to vote or have access to

alcohol and a few 16 year olds that are quite qualified to vote!

Thirty-three is the zone of time that significant changes occur to the inner,

spiritual landscape. It is the age when we develop and begin to put into action

what we have learned and experienced.

Our life’s blueprint is divided into nine year sequences. Zero through nine we are

just having raw experience with little to no ability to sort, sift or understand it, let

alone use the experiences practically. Nine to eighteen we begin to truly form our

personal opinions and perspectives of the world and our experiences. Eighteen

to twenty seven is when we actually begin to mature, not before. We now have a

useful storehouse of raw experience along with some perspective by learning

from them. The critical span of 27-36 is when we “come into our own” so to


This is the beginning of the “Power” years and it does not click on our 27 th

birthday nor at midnight of our 36 th . It begins around our 27 th and pinnacles

around our 36 th .

Most people will begin to live their life’s lesson and purpose on and around

33—the midway point between the Power year beginning of 27 and its zenith of


So, you will see that the most significant events in our spiritual influencers take

place in and around their 33 rd year of life.

 Jesus begins his public mission as he’s turning 30 and is crucified by 34.

 Siddartha leaves the palace at 27 and becomes enlightened beneath the

Boddhi tree at 35.

 Shankaracharya concludes his time on earth at around 32

 Chaitanya dispatches his disciples to propagate his philosophy to the


 Kripalu 8 accepts the title of Jagadguru in 1957 at 35 years old, transforming

his grace to an accessible power and teachings for the entire planet in the

modern age.

I, myself, “grew-up” between 27 and 36.Prior to this I was immature in spirit and

practicality. I had my Kundalini experience at 27 and at 28, I separated from my

addictions, became a father and dedicated my life to my spiritual enlightenment. I

also went from reckless living to adult living, starting a career and putting

childish things behind me. At 36 I separated from my philandering, settled down,

owned a home and became a material success.

I am certain, if you are over 36 years old, you can reflect on your life’s history and

see the turning points within your mentality and lifestyle around this age. If you’re

currently IN the 33 time zone (26-34), you’re experiencing it NOW and if you’re

just entering it, your life events are preparing for this pivotal stage of beginning

your life-mission.

As a spiritual guide and mentor (NO… NOT a guru!), most of the people who seek

me out to get trained in mystical modalities and spiritual philosophies are

between 27 and 33; the majority of them contact me, in near desperation, around

32. They can no longer co-exist with the nagging sense that they are not fulfilling

a purpose of significance and cannot seem to locate or identify it. The Master

frequency of 33 makes them restless which activates a longing to find it or die

trying and our paths cross and we fill roles for each other: me as a conduit for

8 Kripalu is my personal Guru. I was graced by being in his personal presence many times. I highly recommend his


their Cosmic Consciousness, them as flashpoint for me facilitating knowledge.

Without a teacher, they feel lost. Without a student, I feel purposeless! Together

we’re fulfilling our life-lessons and Destinies.

Oh… one more fascinating power-point: Cosmic Consciousness energy lies

dormant at the base of spine. A vertical spine is what sets apart from instinctual-

animal-consciousness to civilized-advanced-consciousness. The significance of

the spinal column and nerve channels is explored in the Cosmic Consciousness

workbook. Once aroused from dormancy at the base of the spine (the coccyx),

psycho-spiritual energy travels up to the pineal gland causing the enlightenment-

kundalini experience.

The human spine has 33 vertebrae.


Keywords and images to meditate on:

 Amplification

 Maturity

 Becoming

 Hendecagram

 Selflessness

 Mission

 Self-sacrifice

 Courage

We’ve now toured the universal values. Try to wrap your head around the

definitive statement that these ten digits, one through nine (And the Master

numbers), are the same and only values throughout the entire multiverse, You

can contemplate till your head pops but you will only draw one factual conclusion

and objective truth: That everything lies veiled in numbers!

Numbers are the underlying blueprint of existence. All things manifest, emanate

from them and all things dissolve into them. The universe is expanding AND

contracting! It expands from a moment of singularity (the Big Bang) and

eventually contracts, collapsing back into a black hole singularity, beginning over


Creation is infinite and eternal!

Let’s learn how to use them!


Numerology is more of a Western modality than an Eastern one 9 . While all

spiritual paths and mystical methods originate from a single source, as time and

ages go by, we are forced to categorize concepts to have perspectives we can

relate to.

For example, there’s no doubt that Tarot did NOT exist in the East and was

invented (developed) as a cryptic form of mysticism in the West. When religious

persecution was common, mystics preserved spiritual and mystical training by

encoding the knowledge in symbols and images that could be presented as

common game pieces to the po-leese (read the Cosmic Consciousness series

Tarot workbook).

Pythagoras is considered the founder of numerology. This Greek philosopher

lived and taught as a mystic thousands of years after the Great Pyramids were

built. The Great Pyramids of ancient Egypt were constructed with highly

advanced numerological theorem. This means that while Pythagoras is

considered the founder of numerology, numerology was in full use long before

him. Numerology is archetypal.

9 Eastern and Western in mystical sense refers to the Orient as the East (Asia and India) and everything else as West

(including what we now know as the mid-east)

The way to become adept with Numerology is to become more than familiar with,

actually intimate with, the number values themselves.

What this workbook, and plethora of material available in the world today, serves

is a starting point for this int

imate understanding.

As you read and re-read and study the numbers and work with them you begin to

see the matrix of math underlying everything: from the barcode-pricing on your

grocery items to your numerical identification (social security number is assigned

at birth in every progressive nation!).

Your birthdate, phone number and home address are all number formulae to

locate and identify you. JUST YOU.

YOU… are the only one that lives at that numerical address combined with THAT

street name and zip code!

YOU… are the only one with that phone number within your area code!

YOU… are the only one with that birthdate with those specific birth logistics of

latitude and longitude.

Others have the same street numbers, phone numbers and birthdates, but ONLY

YOU have those exact ones exclusive to your street, area code and location!

Numbers give us the foundation of our existence within the material matrix.

Math gives us the details of our specifics within a universal concept.

Numerology is the study and de-mystifying of the frequencies that influence our

lives and provide the skeletal frame of our lives.

Omni in numeris sita sunt

Everything lies veiled in numbers!

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