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Updated: Jun 30, 2020


WHAT… is Numerology?

The short, elementary answer is that numerology (as all “ology’s” are) is the

study and knowledge of… numbers.

The metaphysical (meta meaning beyond) meaning of it is a beautiful meta-

science. The material phenomena, i.e. the universe, is constructed and reliant

upon properties and laws that allow it to function and exist. Numbers—and

math—are the underlying, foundational ingredients—the constituents—used to

manifest and sustain the material phenomena.

It’s like a blueprint: A blueprint is the graphic map or template—a guide—for

making something.

Numbers provide the engineering for the design of the cosmos and your life!

How is your life (and mine!) related to and reliant on numbers?

Because they are constant and unchanging yet evolving—infinite and eternal.


No matter the country, language or culture, all math is a sequence of values of 1-

9. Beyond 9 we repeat the sequence at higher octaves. Music is a good way to

explain this: We have seven notes on the musical scale. That’s it. No more, no

less. All music is formed from these seven basic building blocks; A, B, C, D, E, F

and G.

The seven notes can be played at various frequencies and chords can be made

by combining them, but all music, and all sound, is from these seven notes. The

same is true for color. We have seven colors on the color spectrum and all others

are the various frequencies and combinations of them. That 64 pack of Crayolas

is all the same seven colors turned up, turned down and mixed up together! 1

Each number has a value and its value, like music and color, is a unique

expression. Once we go through the base nine, we are repeating the values at a

1 There are two “hidden” color and sound frequencies that total 9, corresponding to the spectrum of numbers too.

These sound and light frequencies are beyond the material/physical phenomena and can only be experienced in the

mystical/spiritual dimensions.

higher octave. We go from zero through nine and then we repeat the sequence by

combining them: One and zero are combined to express ten. We go through the

double digit one sequence (teens) and begin the two octaves at twenty through

twenty nine and then the three sequence with thirty and so on.

This is an infinite cycle of progressive expression; ninety-nine becomes one

hundred and on to the thousands, millions and googles. 2

Every level we add a zero to alters the frequencies within an infinite combination.

Numbers and YOU

Your identity has an underlying frequency blueprint. A template that dictates and

sets the rules and ways it is to be expressed. When a blueprint shows a doorway

on a floorplan, the builder knows where a door belongs and all the details for it to

be in sync with the larger plan of the building: which way it opens (right or left),

how tall, how wide and the specs even provide the instructions for the hinge

types (2 or 3) and the handle (knob or lever).

Without these blueprint instructions, a building project can only remain as a

concept within someone’s mind. It is the blueprint that allows the concept to be

built and manifest in the material plane!

YOUR personal blueprint is built upon the numerical frequencies within your

name and your birthdate. Not one other person of the billions of souls on Earth

has your exact name combined with your exact birthdate.

There may be ones that are similar, but the specifics of yours are exclusively your

own. And with numerology—the study and knowledge of the frequencies—we can

gain tremendous insight to view the ENTIRE blueprint, not just today’s scope, but

the entire thing! The whole enchilada! The Big Picture!

We’re gonna jump right in and list the basic number foundations and what they

express. Ready? One… two… three… GO!

Zero, Nulla, Sifr, Ling, Shoony, Null, Efes 3

The best historians have been able to piece together is that the concept of “zero”

in math was “discovered” around the 3 rd century BC in Mesopotamia and 4 AD by

the Mayans. It was a major discovery and altered human culture profoundly.

Mathematics was very limited without the zero concept and it was as significant

as the discovery of electricity and the wheel!

I’m not going to go into detail about how and what it did because it may bore a

LOT of you and, to be honest, I am not the guy for it. Our science and engineering

throughout the world are only possible and advanced because of this realization:

Zero is the beginning and the end of numbers. It transcends them, is the root and

core of them and any value stacked up to it gets reduced to it (think: 9x0=0!).

It would be impossible to have computers, space travel and the majority of

everyday things we use and take for granted without the juxtaposition of the zero

in our value system.

The zero represents the infinity, the Godhead, the Absolute. It has no beginning

or ending. It is infinite and complete and self contained. Whatever you think it is

or define it as; it is not. It cannot be defined. The moment you place a value on it,

it is no longer zero! You can’t truly say it means “nothing” because there is no

such thing as “nothing”! The most—or least—you can say is that it is the

absence of something! The lack, absence, missing, removal, void, lack, empty,

3 Listed for you in English, Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, German, and Hebrew

Less is more…

space… We honestly do not have a word nor can we grasp the concept of

“nothing”. We experience the absence of something, but this implies there once

was a something, but now it’s gone! Not the same thing!

Be careful! The true concept of zero or nothing will make your brain hurt. We will

have to accept it conceptually that it is a non-value we cannot grasp.

The important thing for our numerology purposes is to retain these characteristic

key words:

 Godhead

 Nothing

 Void

 Absence

 Core

 Essence

 Ending

 Infinite

 Eternal

One, Uno, Wahid, Yi, Ek, Ein, Achat (אחת)

The element associated with ONE is Fire. ONE is pure and direct. This value is

represented by the single, vertical line. It is the primary, mono, singular value. It

is “the before”. The start. The beginning.

It is phallic and simple; raw, primal and uncomplicated, the ONE is paternal, being

the “father” of all that is to come. It has no practical understanding, use nor even

awareness of the ‘zero’.

One is alone—not lonely—but alone. The ONE is never confused or polarized and

exists without complication.

The Ouroboros: Snake eating itself, is an

alchemical, mystical image representing the

infinity quality of ‘zero’—no beginning or

ending; chicken or the egg first?

The Archetype

It is where and when time and material start. Nothing is before it, but everything is

after it. Its qualities are:

 Masculine

 Primal

 Start

 Inception

 Single-solo-mono

 Singular

 Descending

 Father

 Intellect

 Fire

 Archetype

Two, Duo, Athnan, Er, Do, Zwei, Shtaim (שׂתיים)

The singular has become dual! No longer alone, we now have a pair. The shape of

this symbol is the vertical line now taking a shape and bending. It now has a

foundation to rest on, curves and now can view itself. The basic vertical line now

experiences itself, has self-awareness and it thinks therefore it is! In a

cosmological sense it can be the first instant of the “Big Bang” when the

universe begins to separate and unfold. In the mystical sense it is the sense of

separation from our true essence.

While our souls are divine and immortal, our bodies, minds and identities are

temporary and material. With the separation in the TWO, we experience, we self-

identify, meaning we take our body and personal identity to be “who” we are. As

There are two things a person should

never be angry at, what they can help,

and what they cannot. Plato

duality occurs, we lose sight of our essence—the Divine soul—and develop ego

and pride (self-awareness). The pride and ego are the masculine qualities

carrying over from the ONE. The TWO begins to see themselves as separate and

special (feminine), but the ONE expresses pride and ego through her.

The qualities are:

 Pair

 Combined

 Couple

 Man/wife

 Partner

 Duo

 Together

 Water

 Emotion

 Mother