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Each phase, stage, age and period of your life, from birth to beyond death, is laid out upon the Spiritual Triangle blueprint. The descriptions provided for each feature of your life reveal the precise frequencies, vibrations and cosmic influences you experience during stages, phases, periods, years, months and specific dates of your life as well as your Life-Purpose, Soul, Outer-Personality and Destiny.

Your Spiritual Triangle reading looks like this sample:

--Each SQUARE is a twenty-seven year phase of your life

--Each LINE is a nine-year cycle of your life.

--Each LINE also contains specific months and even days.

--The center TRIANGLE is your Life-Purpose

May (41/5): The NUMEROLOGICAL influence of this particular time. Or your Personal qualities: Life-Purpose, Soul, Outer-Personality and Destiny.

Followed by the correspondences:

Tarot (Ace of Cups):

Astrological Decan (Water—Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):


Tree (Kether--Crown):

We have FIVE mystical modalities that create our Spiritual Triangle insight.

Sacred Geometry: This provides the actual blueprint—the roadmap—of our life. The letters of your name are placed around the blueprint. These letter-number frequencies correspond to specific times of your life.

Numerology: By using the number values of your name and birthdate, we get a crystal clear, inside look into your Life-Purpose, Soul, Personality and Destiny. The number frequencies contained within your unique numerology reveal the frequencies, cycles and vibrations of your life-experiences.

Tarot: Tarot’s presence on your Spiritual Triangle reveals details and deeper insights to your past, present and future. Each card within the deck directly links and corresponds to your numerology vibrations, providing a closeup view into them.

The Tree of Life: The Tree of Life is the essence of Kabbalah and is the system used to transcend human consciousness and attain perfect spiritual consciousness. The tarot correspondences upon your Spiritual Triangle are linked to the branches and the fruits upon The Tree. The branches are “paths” and the fruits are “emanations” called Sephiroth (sef-ur-oth). Kabbalah’s Tree of Life correspondences tell us which way to go to reach our material and our spiritual destinations. A diagram for The Tree is provided for quick reference.

Astrology: The zodiac signs and their “houses” at your time and place of birth provide the celestial influences needed to fulfill your fate and destiny. The zodiac, their houses and their decans upon your Spiritual Triangle indicate what type of frequencies and vibrations you’re receiving.

I-Ching: Each hexagram corresponds to an event and vibration within our Spiritual Triangle blueprint. The I-Ching gives direction to our actions. The I-Ching correspondences give us actual direction and actions to take. I-Ching correspondences give us microscopic insights and, along with The Tree, gives us direct guidance to make decisions and take actions.

Many clients want to know a little about each modality, some don’t. If you’d like primers on the different methods they are provided. You don’t need to become an expert in numerology or tarot—that’s what I’m here for! But having a basic knowledge of them may give you deeper benefits to your insight reading.

Your Spiritual Triangle blueprint looks like this:

On the upper corner of the Youth square is where you enter this life at age ZERO.

The horizontal line is age zero to nine, the first vertical line is 9-18. Then you complete your YOUTH square with 18-27. Our youth years are where we absorb mostly raw experience—gathering our perceptions and attitudes. The Power square is from 27-54. These are the years we establish our material lives—family, career and our spiritual direction, morals and beliefs.

Then we enter our Wisdom years from age 54 thru 81. The wisdom years are where we combine all our youthful experiences with our practical experiences and settle into our spirit.

At the center of all this is the Spiritual Triangle which contains our Life-Purpose vibrations. Our entire lives are framed around our life-purpose.

now each one of those nine year lines can be broken down into specific years. I have innovated methods to reveal even specific days and even hours. This has been very helpful for those wanting to plan an event like a reunion or an anniversary celebration or launching a business or career. I selected propitious

dates for the release of my books. After winning six awards I feel the chosen release dates had positive vibrations to do so.

What you receive with your Spiritual Triangle insight is a complete analysis of your life. It can also include specific dates and other details upon request. They are typically eight to twenty pages long. It depends on how much spirit realm reveals. They are not a set amount. Whatever the spirit realm reveals will be included. My own son’s complete reading was 12 pages. But the another client who didn’t include the current line or square experience had a reading that took 16 pages. I never know what it will be before its done.

The sample we’re going to see in this tutorial is a complete insight reading:

  • Life-Purpose

  • Soul

  • Outer-Personality

  • And destiny

This reading also includes:

  • this persons current LINE experience—the nine year cycle their currently in.

  • their current year from birthday to birthday

  • a period cycle of THREE months—in this case October to January

  • And a specific month, in this case October

  • They have the option of requesting an insight reading to a specific day and even hour. This came in handy for a guy who was propsing marriage. He wanted to choose the best day to make he magic happen and even the best hour. Spiritual Triangle gave him several options to choose from the best. I just did their 12 year anniversary reading too! That was a fun challenge. I did an entire blueprint with their married names on the blueprint, Mr and Mrs Raez and their marriage date as the “birthday”. It worked perfect.

In this image we see a blank triangle blueprint. This is what the template looks like before it gets filled in with your personal name, birthdate and insight info.

And here’s one all filled out. This one is mine:

At the top is my name with the corresponding numerology vibrations for vowels and consonants.

Then my birthday which provides my Life-Purpose vibration.

Followed by the all the correspondences for reference.

The next image is a blank template BEFORE the insights are added in:

Each entry has text that may be a paragraph or several, describing, in detail, the cosmic influences and vibrations associated with it. Not only does it provide you with the particular brand of influences to anticipate events and fortunes, but gives advice and guidance on how to take advantage of the good ones and minimize or even avoid the negative ones.

Just read through the analysis and each correspondence will give more guidance and detail of what to expect in that period and how to avoid problems and align with success.

Same as getting a weather forecast helps you prepare your day for a picnic or a movie! Light clothing or an umbrella!

If you have any questions, send me an email and I’ll direct you. And, or, look at the actual samples and watch the videos to see how easily it works.

The Spiritual Triangle ultimately is a spiritual tool: Spiritual Triangle will indeed provide insights and guidance to your material ambitions and goals, from family and marriage to education and career, but guides you through the spiritual meaning and context of them as well.

These mystical modalities have always been intertwined. They became separated as churches and religions separated them in attempts to destroy them. Organized religions saw them as threats to their power and have spent two millennia trying to destroy them. Krishnanand stands on the shoulders of giants; from Pythagoras and Lao Tzu, Ved Vyas to Moses and Eliphas Levi to the 1970s when Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker first published works on the Divine Triangle. Krishnanand is a modern mystic, expert theologian, III°—Ceremonial Magician, Certified Master Alchemist, Proficient Kabbalist and Bhakti Yogi. He spent over 27 years working with mysticism and received the vision and knowledge to add The I-Ching and the Tree of Life to the sacred Spiritual Triangle.

Experience it for yourself.

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