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Astrology is fascinating because it shouldn’t work, but it does!

It makes reasonable sense that the gravitational influences of celestial bodies like big, heavy planets can have an affect on our earthly experience. The moon’s gravitational force creates our ocean’s tides and since we are 66.6% water, it stands to reason that we would be affected by our satellite in orbit too!

But how does a seeming random collection of stars that are TRILLIONS of light years away have an affect on our personality and the events of our lives? I mean… the stars within a zodiac constellation aren’t just far apart from each other in longitude and latitude. They are billions of light years apart in depth and nearness! That means that Taurus the bull’s right eye isn’t just really spaced on a LOOOON brow (distance) but it’s like the right eye is on his face and the left is on the back of his skull!

And another thing! Have you ever actually seen these constellations? They don’t look anything like the animals and images they represent. Look at Taurus:

Do you see a “bull” in that mess? It looks more like a police chalk outline of a face down corpse!

As ridiculous as it may seem, the bottom line is that astrology—when done correctly—is accurate as hell! While sun-signs and houses are rather general, the deeper we go and the more specific we do the astrological calculations, the more specific and detailed they are.

Sorry. But your Sunday paper horoscope is total Taurushit! Unless you’re factoring in the time and location of your birth to your general horoscope, it’s like a weather forecast saying there is ground below and sky above: true, but too generalized and not useful!

You don’t need to be an astrology scholar like your author and guide here, Krishnanand to get a big bang for your buck on your Spiritual Triangle astrological correspondences. I’m just gonna tell you how the correspondences work here and give you a very basic astro run down:

The main elements in astrology are:

  • Sun signs

  • Rising Signs (ascendants)

  • Houses

  • Decans

Sun signs are your main sign. I am a cancer. This means I was born between June 21 and July 22 (my dob is 6.28). If you are born within 8 days either direction of those entrance and exit dates, then you are on the cusp of the preceding or following sign, meaning you have several traits of those blended into your main sign. Your Sun sign is your inner, core self.

Rising Signs (ascendants) are the signs that were rising to the zenith of the celestial sphere at your time of birth. This changes every 12 minutes. Your rising sign is how you present yourself to the outside world.

Houses are the sections of the celestial sphere that are where areas of your life, personality and experience “live”. They correspond to the twelve zodiac so there’s 12 houses: family, career, subconscious, creativity… and on and on. The houses are quite detailed with many areas, or “rooms” in each one. Which houses the planets were in at your birth (or a horoscope) reveals what type of experience you have in that area. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR SPIRITUAL TRIANGLE ASTROLOGICAL CORRESPONDENCE.

Decans Decans are provided for each section of your analysis. Decans are sections of the houses themselves: 10*, 20* and 30* (degrees). Your ST readings provide the decans of the particular part of the reading. How the Zodiac and the houses they’re in are influencing your mind, emotions and circumstances.

You… do not need to know or be an expert in astro, or houses, or ascendants or the zodiac. If you do, great! You may get a depth on your ST reading that is beneficial, But all you need to do is read the meanings to follow the guidance and frequencies you experience.

If you want to know more without reading 30 bible size books on astrology then please consider the downloadable Astrology workbook. It’s fun, easy to understand and has a lifetime of study in it condensed to a 50 page workbook with graphs, illustrations and exercises to put it to use.

Go get your Mercury on!

(uh… Mercury is the messenger! 😊)

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