Chapter 0 - Believing the Unbelievable (Part III)

Updated: Jul 27, 2020


I have become a medical miracle.

 I have defied all scientific reasoning—mystifying specialists and this is significantly due to my NDE.

The NDE rewired my brain and body to different octaves, making me capable of things that seem impossible.

To be fair, my NDE also, removed and impaired other abilities. 

I gained many things, but tragically lost many too.

God seems to love irony.

I became like an idiot savant; grasping complex concepts like quantum physics and medicine, but could not button my shirt, tie my own shoes, drive a car or make a sandwich.

It has been postulated by many that I was chosen to have an NDE to report and help validate this phenomena.

That due to my “gift” of literary expression as a writer, I was “chosen” to document it.

That due to my extensive experience and training in theology and mysticism, I was more prepared and qualified to grasp and retain the meanings and qualities of my NDE.

Maybe… I don’t know…


I don’t feel I am any more, or less, important than any other soul on earth, but sharing, teaching, guiding and mentoring others by example has been my life’s work.

My life’s trials and tribulations have been extraordinary:  

  • I’m an ex-criminal, dope-fiend, IV drug addict who recovered entirely on his own over 25 years ago.

  • I’m a single parent who singlehandedly changed superior court custody laws in California.

  • I’m a trained and certified ceremonial magician, master alchemist, mystic and theologian.

  • I have traveled the world to exotic, profound spiritual sites from the Vatican in Rome to ashrams in India and holy sites within caves and caverns.

  • I’ve been a material success with three business’ and have spent over a decade in a helping profession as a personal counselor.

  • I’ve innovated helping strategies and training methods that empower people with disorders, specializing in addiction beyond conventional medical methods.

  • I’m an author of four books and present live to educate and enlighten audiences for over fifteen years.

  • I experienced a full Kundalini (psychospiritual) awakening when I was twenty-seven.

And now…

I have miraculously survived DAI, traumatic brain injury, severe physical limitations, recovered 90% of my thinking and feeling abilities,
mystified the chief of brain neurology at UCLA medical center, came back from actual DEATH and retained all I was exposed to while on the
other side.
In spite of this, the ordeal has often been more than I could bear.
I am about as carpe diem, live life to the fullest as they come and yet, as my soul struggled to reintegrate with my physical identity and my brain
lost the ability to feel happiness, I seriously contemplated suicide, preferring to not exist.

Life can go from light to dark in an instant.

In a single instant my identity was erased:
I was loved, respected, materially successful, physically athletic, active and living a deeply spiritual and fulfilling life with meaning.
 In a single, unforeseeable instant I was dead; a lost, broken person with no identity or personal history who’s loved ones were total strangers.
Fueled by terror and pathological tenacity I abandoned everything I created:
sold my home, closed my practice and relocated 1200 miles away from my son and loved ones in a desperate attempt to rebuild who I was or die
in solitude and not be a burden to those who loved me.

With carefully crafted methods and hard-ass work, my brain began to heal and my soul and spirit began to stabilize with my body.
In a series of occasional, sudden flashes, my memory and identity restored entirely.
Within weeks of this restoration, I mysteriously and miraculously learned of the International Association of Near Death Studies, IANDS, and this
profound, smart organization gave me support and knowledge to study and make sense of my NDE.
Today…I am emerging and it is soooo good to be coming home!

I was a man with no history and no identity and now I’m me again, two-point-oh!


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