Frequently asked questions

What kind of healer is Krishnanand?

Krishnanand is a healer of MIND and SPIRIT. Knowledge is power and Krishnanand has spent over two decades providing intuitive analysis, spiritual training and guidance to assist people in every area of life: love, career, money, wellness, peace and spiritual consciousness to become perfected within this very lifetime

How long does it take to get my Spiritual Triangle blueprint and reading?

The initial Life-Purpose reading is usually done within two days. 1. A complete reading usually takes 3-4 days. 2. Each reading is done by Krishnanand personally. It takes about an hour to complete the blueprint with the numerology, tarot, astrology, I-Ching and Tree of Life correspondences. About an hour per section (Life-Purpose, Soul, Outer-Personality and Destiny) to do the readings, but if Krishnanand’s intuition picks up more messages and information it can take longer. He does the reading till it’s complete. It’s about 5 hours of work +/- time to meditate on them and connect with “the source”.

What can I DO with my Spiritual Triangle reading?

Spiritual Triangle gives direction to take ACTION in the present AND the future to succeed in ALL your endeavors: love, business, family and your consciousness. Krishnanand combines his career of counseling with his supernatural intuitions to provide clear and absolute options. He gives clear strategies to realize your goals. As a professional counselor, life-coach and addiction specialist, Krishnanand is an EXPERT at building strategies for success. The I-Ching and Tree of Life correspondences give actionable options to achieve and attain. There’s nothing subtle or vague about it! It’s direct!

What will my “full-reading” include?

The Sacred Geometry blueprint of your entire life, from your birthday through 81 years. Detailed insights into your Life-Purpose, Soul, Outer-Personality and Destiny. Your current year forecast (birthday to birthday), or any year you want. Each section includes all correspondences: i. Numerology ii. Tarot iii. Astrology iv. I-Ching hexagram v. Tree of Life (sephiroth and/or path)

Does my Spiritual Triangle predict the future?

Yes. Detailed analysis of any year, month or day and your nine year cycles. What to expect and clear guidance how to make events successful and productive

Does my Spiritual Triangle review the Past?

Yes. Detailed analysis of your past gives you perspective to make sense of why things occurred and where it was leading you.

Does my Spiritual Triangle cover the Present?

Yes. Your current frequencies and vibrations are detailed. Not just what is happening BUT WHY and what you can do to avoid trouble and succeed in ALL areas.

Do I need to be a mystic to understand Spiritual Triangle?

No. Everything is explained in layman’s terms by master mystic and theologian, Krishnanand. If you want basic understanding of the correspondences (numerology, tarot, etc.), you can read the brief primer fundamental blog posts on each to deepen your Spiritual Triangle experience.

What if I want more than the primer blog posts on a correspondence?

Krishnanand provides full workshops and workbooks on every mystical modality. Just go to the courses tab on the site to pick the ones you want to know more about. Subscribe to the email list and you’ll get notified when he present live workshops or they become available on video.