What kind of healer is Krishnanand?

Krishnanand is a healer of MIND and SPIRIT. Knowledge is power and Krishnanand has spent over two decades providing intuitive analysis, spiritual training and guidance to assist people in every area of life: love, career, money, wellness, peace and spiritual consciousness to become perfected within this very lifetime. 

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Krishnanand Story

What I’m NOT: A guru, a sage, a saint, a buddha.

What I am:

A counselor, mentor, guide and spiritual healer*. An adept, mystic, ceremonial magician, master alchemist, bhakti yogi, big-headed-know-it-all, lifelong theologian, true spiritualist. I am proficient in all forms of mysticism:

  • Tarot

  • Astrology

  • Numerology

  • Yoga

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Ceremony and ritual

  • Kabbalah

  • I-Ching, Taoism and Zen

*Krishnanand is a healer of spirit and mind.

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Amazing True Story

I am also a private-practice, accredited, certified counselor, behavioral specialist, addiction specialist, clinical hypnotherapist and self-improvement coach. My clinical services are guaranteed.

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I am also a six time award winning author of four books.

Krishnanand is my spiritual name graced upon me by my enlightened Guru in India in 2010. Scott A Spackey is my 'worldly-Western" name.  Krishnanand means "God's+Bliss" in Sanskrit. 

I am a specialist in this world’s religious, spiritual and mystical paths. I love them and have always seen what they share in common far beyond what their differences are. I was born in this life with awareness of my past lives. I began reading by four and was always drawn to the occult and the spiritual. I became an expert in all of them as I was so excited in their mysteries and revelations.

By my mid-twenties I was doing readings and providing spiritual counseling and mentoring. I had become a healer, not of the physical body or energy body, but of the mind and spirit. To provide for myself and my son as a single parent, I established careers in the material world; first as a commercial contractor and then as a behavioral counselor and addiction specialist. My counseling work was always infused with spiritual mentoring, teaching and healing.

I provided mystical and spiritual workshops, readings and counseling throughout my careers. And in 2013 I was killed. My soul and mind spent nine earth-days on the “other side” and when I returned to my body on my exact same birthday, I committed to putting almost exclusive attention focus on providing spiritual healing and guidance.

My life in this incarnation has been a string of pearls and a crown of thorns. I grew up poor and was on the street in my youth—on dope and involved in crime and sex while always living within a spiritual context. My kundalini force was fully aroused and awoke by a tantric initiatress when I was 27. My consciousness was expanded to cosmic proportions and has remained so.

My death-experience in 2013 stripped me of most my material attachments: I could not walk or talk, did not know who I was and was diagnosed to be unable to care for myself if, and for as long as, I lived. I showed them! I’ve become a 3 time medical miracle. I regained all my memory and identity, almost all of my motor skills and the gift of being able to write, teach and present again.  The so-called gifts I returned with from “the other side” were not all new. I was psychically intuitive before. But a few new features were added and the existing ones were enhanced. Since the ability to foresee the Lotto numbers was NOT a new psychic feature added to my repertoire, I still need to earn a living. While I still provide behavioral and addiction solutions to the world, it is by referral only. I now spend nearly all my time providing spiritual guidance and training.


The service I offer in spiritual training provides the academic knowledge, the inspiration, motivation and advice, often channeled, for clients to learn how to evolve, grow, express and manifest their True Will. Whether you’re becoming a healer or working towards enlightenment, or both, I am here to serve you. I am available for private session work. I also have developed training courses and many people use both: by combining the training courses along with private, or group, sessions they accelerate their mystical growth and progress by leaps and bounds. You can have a free consultation upon request. Let’s discover together what your direction is so you can begin to fill your life-purpose and destiny.

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