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Enter your birthday and receive your Spiritual Triangle LIFE-PURPOSE reading for ONLY $36

Your Life-Purpose is why you entered this life. Your birthday, time, location and birth-name are unique frequencies for you to realize your Destiny.

Spiritual Triangle

Metaphysical Readings & Training Courses


  • Sacred Geometry

  • Astrology 

  • I-Ching

  • Tarot

  • Numerology

  • Tree of Life

Yoga by the Ocean

Spiritual Triangle Readings

Spiritual Triangle provides spiritual insights to your entire life--from birth to death and beyond.

A comprehensive blueprint synthesizing Sacred Geometry, Tarot, Astrology, Tree of Life (kabbalah) and the I-Ching.

Your time of birth, the location and your name are the features that create the frequencies of your life's experiences. The Spiritual Triangle captures the unique dynamics of your life and explores your personal Numerology, Tarot, Astrological influences, I-Ching hexagrams and Tree of Life paths of your past, present and your future.

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LIVE sessions and readings: video, phone or in person.

Krishnanand serves souls in five countries.

Clinical Counseling-Readings-Hypnotherapy. Have a live Spiritual Triangle reading and guidance session: Krishnanand guides clients to discover and seek FULFILLMENT instead of pleasure.


Experiences with Spiritual Triangle

Dominyce Brown, 36 Norfolk VA

Chelsea, 34

Linda Kiley, 46 Manchester, UK

My youngest son got covid! I thought it was over! I was terrified! But I had gotten my FULL READING from Spiritual Triangle a few weeks before and remembered how it not only predicted an upcoming tragedy but gave me the calm clarity I needed to handle it. We’re all fine because we stayed calm and I trusted spiritual forces at work in our lives.

Hana Lorne, 42 Melbourne, Australia

I was at a crossroads in my life and came across Spiritual Triangle. I figured it was just new-age, psychic sales pitch for vague answers to serious problems. But my inner self urged me to try it. The Free Life-Purpose reading was so profound and clear I contacted Krishnanand right away. He spent a half hour on skype with me and solved several of my dilemmas. I signed up for the Mystic Package for a month: $150 a week for a FULL reading of my WHOLE life, mystical training and courses and live sessions with Krishnanand. It only included one hour sessions but he spent over 2 hours with me on a single session with no extra charge! He just makes sense! His background as a behavioral expert gave me the practical advice I needed combined with his intuitive abilities. I found him at just the right time. He says that’s always how it works. That we’re all just “agents of Grace”. Right time, right place…

Jules, 34 Austin TX, USA

My need for spiritual growth was intense. I now know, because of my Spiritual Triangle blueprint, that this was because I was exiting my Youth years and entering my Power years. The accuracy and sensibility of the reading was unbelievable! It’s so exact! Not like any “psychic” thing I ever experiences. It was far more practical and useable than I ever hoped for. And it was so dead-on correct, not only on who and what I am but on revealing the layers of my past and giving me clear instructions and choices on my future.